Questions for the client

Your meeting link automatically asks for the name and email of every client. If you'd like to collect more information about your clients, you can add additional questions to your meeting link.

You can add or remove questions by following these steps

  • Click the Add new question button to display a list of question types.

  • Select a question type.

  • Enter your question.

  • Once you're done with setting up questions, click on Save changes.

    For each event type, you can add up to 10 additional questions. You can leave questions as optional or mark questions as required to ensure the clients enter an answer before booking a meeting.

These are the question types that are currently supported by neetoCal.

  • Single-line text.

  • Multiple lines of text.

  • Paragraph.

  • Radio Button.

  • Checkbox.

  • Dropdown.

  • Rating.

  • Phone number.

  • Feedback.

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