When your client schedules a meeting with you, it can be seen on the meetings page. You can also see upcoming, past, canceled, and incomplete meetings.

When you click on a meeting from the list, it will take you to the meeting details page. From here, you can cancel/reschedule a meeting. You can also request your client to reschedule the meeting by choosing the "Request to reschedule" option. By doing so, the client can pick a suitable slot that the meeting can be rescheduled to. If the meeting is a paid meeting, there would also be an option to "Refund" the payment.

The booking page has 4 tabs:

  1. Meeting Details: This tab displays comprehensive information about the meeting, including the date, time, and location where the meeting will take place.

  2. Timeline: This tab presents a chronological overview of key events related to the meeting. It becomes visible only if multiple events are associated with the meeting.

  3. Associated Bookings: This tab lists all the pre-bookings made for this meeting. It is displayed only if the meeting is part of pre-bookings.

  4. Messages: Use this tab to communicate directly with your clients, allowing for seamless interaction and coordination regarding the meeting. Learn more about messages.

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