Routing forms

The routing form allows you to set up a form with conditional logic linked to your list of meeting links. Based on the responses provided by the client, they will be directed to the meeting link that satisfies the specified conditions. The host's earliest availability will be considered when multiple meeting links satisfy the conditions.

How to use the Routing form?

Assume you have clients from two different areas who speak two different languages (English and French). Your organization has members who handle English and some who handle French. You can use routing forms if you need to allow your clients to select meetings based on their preferred language. 

  1. First, you need to create a custom field based on the condition that you want to use.

  2. Go to Settings -> Custom Fields and create a custom field "Language" and give the options "English" and "French."

  3. Go to all the meeting links you want to assign the languages to individually. Assign "English" to all meeting links whose host(s) handle English and "French" to all meeting links whose host(s) handle French from the meeting links "What" tab. 

  4. Create a routing form using the Add new routing form button from the Routing Form page. Give a suitable name (Language) and slug (language), and hit Save Changes.

  5. Now, add a question. From the question dropdown, you can select the already created field. Once you've selected the field, update the label to "What language do you prefer?" and save the changes. 

  6. You can go to the "Configure" tab to add or remove the meeting links that need to be considered for this routing form. 

  7. Once everything is done, share the routing form with your clients by copying the link or embedding it on your website.

When clients visit the link you've shared with them, they will be greeted with a form. Once they answer the form, they will be taken to the meeting link that satisfies the condition. In the above case, if the client answers "English" to "What language do you prefer?" they will be taken to the meeting link, which has "English" as the selected language and has the earliest host availability. If the answer does not satisfy any condition, the client will be shown a "No meetings satisfy the given conditions." page.

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