Rescheduling & Cancellation by the host

The admins and the meeting host can cancel, reschedule, or even request to reschedule the meeting at any time without any constraint.

Watch this video or follow the steps mentioned below:

If you are an admin or the host, then you can cancel or reschedule the meeting by using these steps.

  1. Click on the Meetings tab from the left sidebar.

  2. Click on the Upcoming Meetings tab and click on the meeting that you want to cancel or reschedule. You can't cancel or reschedule a past meeting.

  3. At the top of the selected meeting page, you will find links for cancellation, rescheduling, and even request to reschedule.

  4. To cancel a meeting, click on the Cancel Meeting link. A new modal will appear where you can provide the cancellation reason. If the booking involved payment, there will be an option to provide a refund.

  1. To reschedule a meeting, click on the Reschedule Meeting link. You will be redirected to the calendar page to select a new slot for your client. You can also add a reason to reschedule.

  2. If you are unsure about your client's availability, then click on the Request to reschedule option, and NeetoCal will send them an email to reschedule the meeting as per their availability. This helps you avoid repetitive availability checks.

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