Pre-filling booking questions via URL

What are URL parameters?

URL parameters are extra information added to the end of a web address (URL) that helps communicate specific instructions or data to a website. They are typically separated from the base URL by a question mark (?), and multiple parameters are separated by ampersands (&).

For example, consider the URL "". Name and age are the parameters in this case, and their values are John and 25, respectively.

How can we use URL parameters to pre-fill booking fields?

As URL parameters can help communicate specific values to NeetoCal, this can be used to pre-fill the booking questions.

The default booking questions in NeetoCal are the name and email of the client. Sometimes, we know these values in advance and may wish to pre-fill them to simplify the user experience while booking a meeting. Consider the meeting link: We can add some URL parameters to this link, like this:[email protected]. Now, when the client books the meeting, the name and email of the user will be pre-filled as Sam and [email protected], respectively.

In the above link, name and email are parameters, while Sam and [email protected] are the values. We call these parameters "field codes". The list of questions can be found in the Configure tab. Please check questions for the client for more information about questions. The field code for a question can be found under each question.

Field code

By default, NeetoCal creates unique field codes for each question. The field code can be modified to our liking, provided it is unique and doesn't clash with the codes of other questions.

Please review the sections for each question type for specific examples of how you can use these field codes for those questions and their additional attributes.

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