NeetoCal offers users the capability to create documents and request signatures from clients. Our platform maintains a comprehensive record of events, spanning from the initial email transmission of a document to its ultimate signing by the client. We have established an integration with DocuSeal, a provider specializing in signature validation and documentation proof.

Document Creation

To initiate the document creation process, users can navigate to the "Documents" section accessible via the sidebar. Upon selecting this option, users are prompted to upload a PDF or Word document. Subsequently, they are directed to the document builder interface, where they can incorporate signature fields. To learn more about editing a document, please see Editing Documents. Following editing, users can promptly dispatch the document to clients by clicking the "Send" button and specifying their email addresses.

Documents Requiring Multiple Signatures

Additionally, our platform supports the creation of documents necessitating multiple signatories. By default, a single individual is designated as the First Party. However, users can add to the list of signatories within the document builder interface. In such instances, it is imperative to specify all intended recipients for sending the document.

Automated Document Dispatch

Streamlining the document-sending process is possible through automation, which can be synchronized with meeting scheduling. Users can access the automation functionality within the "Configure" tab of a meeting link. Within this section, users can define rules to automate document transmission. Parameters include document selection, recipient (client or organization user), and conditions for dispatch, such as the client's initial booking with the meeting link. Notably, documents will be dispatched for signature during subsequent bookings made by the same client unless a condition to prevent this is specified.

Signature Status Monitoring

Within the document detail page, users can access an overview of submissions pertaining to a specific document. This includes a detailed event history and the ability to access the signed document.

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