Connect Google Analytics

Getting a Google Analytics code

  • Fill in the property and business details.

  • In "Choose a platform page", select "Web".

  • Fill in the website details (see the example below) and click on the "Create stream" button.

  • You will now be on the "Web stream details" page. From under "Stream details" copy the "MEASUREMENT ID". This is your Google Analytics Code.

  • Once you have copied the "MEASUREMENT ID", you can close the web stream details pane and click on "Next".

Adding Google Analytics integration in neetoCal

  • Once you have your Google Analytics Code (Measurement ID) ready, head over to neetoCal. Go to Settings > Other Integrations > Google Analytics.

  • Paste the Google Analytics Code and select the "Connect" button.

  • Once the code is verified, your Google Analytics will be be connected with neetoCal.

  • Now you will be able to view the metrics of your public pages in the Google Analytics dashboard.

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