The homepage serves as a center where you can display a comprehensive list of your various meetings, offering clients the convenience of browsing and choosing a meeting that best suits their needs.

To activate your homepage, go to Settings > Homepage. Enable the Enable Homepage switch.

Once your homepage is enabled, it becomes accessible to your clients. For instance, if your workspace is named Spinkart, clients can easily reach your homepage by visiting spinkart.neetocal.com.

You can edit the title and description and choose an image that you wish to have displayed on your homepage. You also have the flexibility to select which meetings are displayed on your homepage.

When you unselect a meeting from the list of meetings to be displayed on the homepage, it means that the meeting will not appear on the homepage, and clients won't be able to access it from there. However, clients can still make bookings for that meeting if you share the direct link with them.

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